Acknowledging Simple Truths

136770613062229February 28, 2017

My girls,

I hope you both are having a blessed day.

I am writing to encourage you to embrace simple truths; they will help you trust yourself. Trusting yourself requires being truthful and honest with yourself.

A Simple Self-Trusting Exercise

From time to time stand outside and observe the environment. The sun may be shining, the sounds of leaves may be blowing, the sound of traffic may be seen and heard in the distance. Take a moment to acknowledge what you are seeing and hearing.

Whenever you see the sun shining and acknowledge it you have thought or spoken a truth. Seeing leaves blowing and rustling is also a truth; acknowledge it. Also, you just took a breath; you inhaled and exhaled. That is a truth. Acknowledging these simple things will help you trust yourself. What you hear, see and feel are real, honest and true. When you see the shining sun and acknowledge it you are not lying to yourself. The more you acknowledge simple truths, the more you will be able to discern more complicated situations. More importantly, when handling complex situations you will never doubt yourself.

Every day starts with acknowledging simple honest truths. The more you acknowledge these truths, the more you will begin to trust yourself and will be able to discern truths from falsehoods; you will become a great communicator and gain the ability to make quick and impactful decisions.

The greatest gift of trusting yourself… you will genuinely trust others.

Trusting others means you will have many healthy relationships. You will be a leader and listener, gaining respect from others.

I love you both.


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