Trust Yourself

A Look at AdviceFebruary 7, 2017

My Girls,

It is a beautiful morning. You both are still asleep.

In an earlier letter, I wrote to you both and said you can’t learn to listen to the instruction of others until you have learned to listen to and instruct yourself. Instruction will always give you direction. When you are able to listen to yourself you will trust your decisions as well; you will be more confident and disciplined.

Listening to yourself enables you to trust yourself more. As a result, you will value relationships over ambition; you will have an ear to hear. Being cheerful, sincere, willing to listen and open with others will take you a long way. Trusting yourself is the key to being comfortable in your own skin and allowing yourself to accept others. Allow yourself to be content and at peace; it will enable you to comfort others in a sad situation; you will be a blessing to others.

I encourage you both to take a moment each day to pause, reflect and listen to yourself. Taking a moment to listen to yourself will set your thoughts and action in the best direction.

I love you both.


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