Embracing Your Core

124999760905981January 30, 2017

This morning we decided to go out for a run. It is always a joy to spend time with both of you. This morning was special because we had a lot to talk about. When I listen to you both express yourselves I realize how much you both have grown and how older I have become.

I am very proud of how both of you express yourselves. There are times in life when everything comes together and you allow your thoughts to move you. It is a moment of growth and maturity; a kind of maturity you didn’t have before. There is also a time when you learn what really matters in life. For example, there may come a time when you wake, look around and ask yourself very personal questions. It may be a time where you figure out how important it is to look deep inside your core and embrace the most essential elements of it. Embracing your core will allow you embrace the positive elements of your character. Embracing your core will help you discern what matters.

When you embrace your core something incredible takes place; you become comfortable with yourself and can live positively according to it. Living comfortably with yourself is knowing yourself. Knowing yourself is being content, discerning and always honest with your self.

The key is embracing your core and letting your life be filled with positivity.  Breathing will always allow you to reach you core and create new solutions. The inner core allows you to also find peace with situations in life you have no control over. Moments in life you have no control over are consequential to take a deep breath, embrace your inner core and allow your positive self to endure. Remember, nothing can define you. You define yourself by breathing, embracing what is right and strongly moving along.

I love you both.


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