One Step at a Time


Focus One Step at a Time

January 27, 2017

My daughters,

One of the greatest challenges in life: Not knowing what a day will bring. So in all you do, focus one step at a time, one day at a time.

Some of the benefits of focusing one step at a time: Vitality, drive, energy, stamina and an positivity. Focusing creates great gratification and wellness.

Focusing is similar to and as natural as breathing. Breathing doesn’t require much effort; it is essential for life. Similarly, focusing doesn’t require much effort. In fact when we breathe, we focus.

A Lesson on Focusing

The simplest but most effective way to comprehend focus: Breathing. Understanding breathing doesn’t require you to breathe in a special way. The key: When you have had your rest and wake up to a new day, at that moment understand you have achieved excellence because you are effortlessly focusing; you are breathing. It’s that easy. Understanding that every morning effortlessly starts with success will set your day in the right direction.

Lasting success starts at step one. Lasting success prevents regret. Focusing one step at a time will allow you be receptive to many blessings.

I love you both.


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