Powerful Patience

My Words to You: Peace

Powerful Patience

My girls,

It is Thursday, June 23, 2016. As I sit here writing this letter, a feeling of gratitude fills my heart. I am so grateful to you both for being patient; the level of patience you both display is empowering. Every day I listen to your thoughts and observe your effortless contentment. Always embrace the joy you possess; never be ashamed of it. Contentment and joy creates powerful patience.

There is great satisfaction in being content; there is great peace in being content. The power of contentment…

Facing difficult situations with great peace;
seeing beauty in the storm. 
Loving yourself,
allowing yourself to love others.
Embracing the fact;
where you stand today,
where you stand tomorrow,
is your sanctuary.
Embrace your presence.

Always take a moment to be present. When you are present, you are self-aware. Being present and self-aware is a gift; you experience personal joy. The power of joy…

Facing challenges,
knowing there is always an answer.

There is nothing,
too large or small,
you can’t confront,
because you are comfortable,
in your own skin.

The inability to be content and joyful is broken by impatience. Impatience will make you powerfully ineffective and instead of loving yourself, you can feel useless. So stay patient and focused.

Before closing this letter I will encourage you both to always remember patience is a virtue. I love you both.


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