The Heart and Designs of the Mind

Say these words,

Say these words, “I am content and at peace.”

It is August 24, 2015. It is a sunny, 75 degree morning. Today I am writing to encourage you both to always be discerning and understand the designs of your minds.

Your mind is connected to your heart. Take time to look into your heart. By doing so you allow yourself to look even deeper into your soul. There is nothing unpleasant in your soul and from there you will always remain grounded, confident and correct in your decisions.

When your soul looks to the heart and the heart looks to the mind, the mind can be very deceptive and the designs of the mind can be unpleasant. The mind reacts to smell, taste, touch and sight. When the heart listens to the mind it will begin to plot and create schemes; it becomes crafty. Schemes are ruinous and can cause your heart distress. Today I encourage you both to always Listen to your heart and soul.

How to Listen to Your Soul

Allowing your mind to listen to your soul is simple. Each morning find an area to sit. It doesn’t have to be a quiet area; it doesn’t have to be perfect. If there is no place to sit stand where you are and say these words silently to yourself…

I am content and at peace.

By saying these simple words you have opened your heart. Inhale deeply. When you inhale you are directly connecting to your heart and soul. You can feel and hear everything going on inside. You will also hear yourself. Solutions are there. Ideas live there. True peace and quiet is there. When you exhale you soul sends a message to your heart and mind. Your mind will move you to action. Every time you breathe in your soul is touched. Always be mindful of your breathing. It will always give you patience, understanding, discernment and direction.

I will close this letter by telling you both I love you and I am honored to be your father.


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