Wine or Beer

Wine or BeerMy Girls,

It is February 20,2013. It is a quiet but beautiful morning.

As you read this letter, it is the year 2020; you both are young women. My oldest, you are 21 years old so I am writing today about wine and beer. This is not a letter encouraging you to limit the amount of wine or beer that you consume. By now you have heard that a lot.

I’m writing to let you know…

Too much wine or beer can make things unclear. 

It can make you lose control. You can become loud. It can even make you stumble.

If you choose to drink a glass of wine or have a beer, enjoy it. You both are women and have given your mother and me countless years of joy. I can only thank you for being so loving to us and know that same love is in your decisions as young adults. I honor any and every choice you make and if you choose to drink wine or beer I have no doubt you will be comfortable with that decision.

I love you both.


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