A Look at Advice

A Look at AdviceMy Girls,

It is February 18, 2013. The skies are clear and it is 24 degrees.

From time to time I thank you both for loving me and your mother and being good listeners.

I am writing to you this morning to let you know that it is okay if advice upsets you from time to time. Suggestions can worry you and guidance can sometimes trouble you and that is okay. I encourage you both to always, no matter how difficult, listen to counsel. Always acknowledge recommendations.

Advice is communication. There is always a hint in the language of advice . It may be a hint that what you are doing is the right thing. It may also reveal a piece of the missing puzzle you desired and have been seeking. Advice is in every way positive so I encourage you to not be upset or troubled when you hear it.

Advice can be many things. It can serve as feedback; a quick window into your own personal life and experiences. It can answer long sought questions that you could find no answer for. It can be a solution to a problem you are having. It is all in listening that you allow advice to shine.

In all things listen to advice but never let advice control your actions. In everything you do… do it, love it, own it. Always remember… every outcome is the right outcome.

Listening to advice will allow you to do things your own way more successfully. I love you both.


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