Simplicity Matters

My Girls,

It is February 15, 2013. It is an early morning. Before the day begins I am writing to thank you both for the beautiful Valentine’s gifts. Your mother and I loved the pop up card.

A beautiful pop up book my daughters created for Valentine's Day.

A beautiful pop up card my daughters created for Valentine’s Day.

We also loved the cookies.

Valentines Cookies

Valentines Cookies

There is beauty in simplicity. Simplicity has impact and is not easily forgotten. I encourage you both to accept simplicity. In turn you will be able to embrace the complex challenges in life. There can be times in life the mind is involved in multiple thoughts and questions that must be paid attention to. The complex demands in life can challenge the most brilliant minds. Simplicity recognizes these pressures which can easily be overlooked.

It is in the breathing, the pause, the ability to listen that the simple shines most. Your reaction and solution to difficult situations depends on the simple solutions in your own mind. Success in all things is elevated when you allow yourself time to embrace simplicity.

I love you both.


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