Heaviness is a "call to action" within your soul.My Girls,

It is February 10, 2013. It has been over a month now since the last time I wrote you a letter. Today was a beautiful day. The sky was blue.

I am writing tonight to encourage you both to accept the heaviness in your heart. Heaviness is a signal; a signal to step back, relax, close your eyes, breath and say these words out open or to yourselves…

I am content and at peace. 

Heaviness can make you serious and that is okay. When you are serious no thought is ridiculous. Being serious means to embrace the earnest part of your mind and the deepest meaning in your heart.

As you read this letter you may ask yourself, “How do I embrace the earnest part of my mind? How do I embrace the deepest meaning in my heart.” I will tell you how…

Heaviness is your body’s “call to action.” It is time to embrace your emotions. It is time to embrace your negativity. It is time to accept the dreariness. It is time to embrace the clearness within that doesn’t have an answer; embrace the part of you that doesn’t have a voice. There is no solution to heaviness and there is no answer. Heaviness cannot be comforted or fixed. Heaviness is a moment for you to love and be loved. It is a time to love yourself first so you can love others.

When heaviness enters your soul love is created. It is your time to calm down and fully accept every thought, emotion, truth, negative, positive, foolishness, mistakes, old ideas, wishes, doubts, outcomes, and circumstance you are experiencing at that very moment. At that moment, love of self is created; a very surprising love recreating you. You will in turn be more loving to others.

Heaviness comes without a warning. When it appears you know growth is there. It is time for a teacher to reveal another truth about you. We all learn lessons from heaviness. It is why we grow wiser.

If you experience heaviness I encourage you both to spend time letting it run its course. If you can’t handle the way heaviness makes you feel, please remember these words from me…

I love you both. I love you both. Thank you for loving your mother. Thank you for being so loving to others. Thank you for who you are. 


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