Remembering Your Voice

My Girls,

It is January 1, 2013. It is a Tuesday evening. The entire house is still recovering from traveling to so many places in the last three months. So it is a mellow night.

I’m writing this letter to share with you both a piece of yourselves. In a letter I wrote in 2011, I encouraged you both to always listen to and learn from an insightful byword. Today I would like to share an insightful byword that each of you have shared with me. I want you both to know how honored I am to be your father and as you learn from me, I also learn a great deal from both of you. Thank you.

Firstly, my oldest: This is a byword you shared with me that I absolutely love…

Take advantage of what you love to do, for there are a lot of years in one life.

and my youngest, this is the byword you shared with me that touched my heart…

If you need advice, you can always call to your parents.

I will end this letter by encouraging you both to always remember your voice. Your mother and I love you.


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