What a Trail Can Teach You

My Girls,

It is July 5, 2012.

This morning during our family walk/run I happened to notice how aware and alert you both were. While running side by side your form was perfect. The best part was while walking you both were relaxed and talking to each other.

I remember when you both were very small and we would walk along our neighborhood trail. You both were aware of the many stones and acorns and sticks lying around. Awareness is something we’re born with. It is our natural wisdom.

I won’t ever forget a man who jogged passed us two years ago and said, “A family that runs together wins together!” Those words touched me and your mother. We were happy you both were there to hear him. It was a reminder for us all to be aware of how important the family unit truly is.

Being alert and aware of your environment can give you wisdom.

When running,
Each time you pay attention to your breathing,
the way your feet touch the ground,
the way your feet stay under you,

These lessons you are teaching yourself one step at a time translate in everything you do. Every task whether simple or complex requires awareness and staying alert.

You can learn a lot from the trail. I love you both.


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