Accept the Abundance Within You

My Girls,

It is July 2, 2012. This week we are preparing for a lot of travel. I am happy that you both have seen many places and met many people. You understand that there is suffering and wealth and there is suffering at all levels. Contentment can be felt from a person who lives above a city and from a person who live in a slum in Kibera, Kenya. Also suffering can be felt by these same two people on any given day.

I am writing to encourage you both to always accept the abundance within you. In an earlier letter I wrote wisdom is in your own front yard. The many experiences you encounter have given you both an abundance of joy and contentment. Many times it manifests itself in the form of a story. When you share your experiences with others always remember…

Your story matters. 

The are so many beautiful people on this planet and each has a very unique story to tell. Many times we sit down and I listen to your perspectives on what we have done as a family. I am always fascinated by your experience and I can only imagine what that same experience will mean to you when you grow older. This is one of the reasons we have two ears and one mouth. There are so many stories to hear.

Your experiences have given you both a wealth of knowledge that can one day connect with others. But first remember to accept the abundance within you. That abundance transforms into a very personal wisdom over time. In fact many experiences that you thought were negative in young age become the greatest gems as you both mature and grow older. They will be the best personal lessons and you’ll be able to give loving advice and help to someone else one day. So don’t disregard the lessons and experiences you encounter. Embrace them.

I will close this letter with these words…

Accept your experiences.
In time they will give you understanding and direction,
And you have a life of abundance within you.

I love you both.


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