Supporting One Another

This is an illustration my youngest drew while she and her sister worked on a book. They were very happy with the end product. I am happy for them as well.

My Girls,

It is June 29, 2012. If there is one thing that touches me it is seeing you both beaming after you accomplish a goal together. I am very happy for both of you. There have been countless times me and your mother heard you both talking. Your conversations have always been so supportive and I thank you.

Being supportive means being thankful. Being thankful means being upbeat. Being upbeat means being optimistic. Being optimistic means being supportive. It’s one big circle.

Support can gives you strength; it can help you achieve goals. Support can help you be discerning and make the right choices. Many times we are thankful for making the right choice.

Support can help you both move forward in life and be thankful for various experiences. There are circumstances in life, though, that can cause you to become negative. Always remember…

It is okay to feel. When you look deep within yourself, and all you see are clouds and darkness, there is a reason for this. Your body is taking time to leave those emotions and that can be frustrating. Your heart is finding a way out of the negativity. And it will. From time to time as you continue to grow older you will look back at the positive and negative times and be thankful.

Being thankful allows you to make positive choices in life. Many of these choices will bring you much satisfaction. You will more upbeat and optimistic. I have always encouraged you both to live life one day at a time and remember that every outcome is the right outcome. This will allow you to face many obstacles both positive and negative in an understanding way.

This is why supporting each other is important. The more you support each other, the more others around will feel that same support and love. Thank you both for loving and supporting one another.


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