Timely Decisions are a Gift

My Girls,

It is Thursday June 28, 2012.

I am writing to encourage you both to always embrace your decisions. Decisions can feel positive or negative. Always take a deep breath, and allow your mind to search your heart. When you embrace the decisions you make you are teaching your heart to never avoid challenges in life regardless what they may be. Your decisions will always come from within and will always be there for you.

Some decisions you make may take days and weeks. Sometimes seconds. When making decisions always remember…

You have all the time that you need.

There can be times in life when you feel confused, tired, and unable to decide what to do. Let these be those moments in life you do nothing. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say these words to yourself.

I am content and at peace. 

When there is no answer,
When there is no direction,
When there is only confusion,
Embrace the moment.

Moments of confusion are a gift. Confusion teaches us to slow down and breathe even when it seems like the wrong  thing to do. Confusion can accompany emotions and that is okay. Embrace your emotions whether they are positive or negative. The more you allow yourself to come out of confusion and arrive at a conclusion,  the better you will be at making bold decisions that can help you and others.

I will end this letter by giving you words from your beautiful and loving mother. We love you both.

Following your inner spirit and always relying on your gut to make decisions will take you far. Always listen to that tiny voice in your head when all is still. It won’t lead you astray. And remember, always do the things you really and honestly love to do. 


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