Thank You for Loving Your Mother

My girls,

It is Sunday, May 13, 2012. Today is Mother’s Day!

This morning, you both presented this beautiful card to your mother…

Bouquet amongst Mountains and Trees

This the other side of the card…

A Dragonfly

I am writing this letter to thank you both for loving your mother. Thank you for the many days of happiness you have given such an incredible woman.

I remember when you were very small. We took walks and you both would pick up stones and show them to your mother.
I remember the nights your mother read you stories until you both were sound asleep.
I remember you both brushing your mother’s hair until she was asleep.

Every day she sacrifices for us.
Every day she loves us.
Every day she makes us laugh,
She cries with us at Disney movies,
She runs with us,
She travels with us,
She appreciates your love.

I will end this letter by sharing these words with you both…

What you do matters. I love you both.


6 thoughts on “Thank You for Loving Your Mother

  1. Just found your blog and am blown away by its preciousness. I am a mother of three very young ones and kept a pregnancy journal for each, filled with my musings as they were developing as well as with my hopes and prayers for their future. I’ve placed these journals, along with letters from other family members, into time capsules for each to open on their 16th birthdays. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words to your daughters. It’s an inspiration!!

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