You are Honored

My girls,

It is Wednesday, April 18, 2012. It is a beautiful and cloudy spring afternoon. We are all excited about the upcoming travels ahead – a week in Florida and then back to New York City.

You both have seen many places and met many incredible people. I enjoy listening to you both tell me about how life looks from your lens. You express your experiences in ways I never could. Thank you both for the many years you chose to spend with me and your mother, sharing your writing, art, and ideas with us.

In an earlier letter I wrote wisdom is in your own front yard. Each day you awake, wisdom is there; wherever you are, wisdom is there. Step by step, action upon action, wisdom is there. That is your gift.

Always take time to breathe and look around you. Quietly embrace everything you see. Take another breath and a moment to listen to your mind. Feel your heart. Let that moment be for you and only you. Appreciate yourself. As you both read this letter, wherever you are, know this…

you are solid, you are incredible, you are wise, you are honored.

It will always be that way. Keep living one day at a time. I love you both.


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