My First Parable to You

My girls,

It is Tuesday, April 17,2012. Clear skies are above us. But stormy clouds are in the distance. It has been a beautiful spring so far. I can’t help but think of the world you both are experiencing in 2021. Are the skies still blue?

When I think of the world you both are facing I think of the peace you will need to enjoy each day.  I think of the many questions you have as you grow and encounter many life changing experiences. I encourage you both to take each day…

one day at a time.

I encourage you to not fight yourself; always be content and at peace.

Tell yourself each day, “I am content and at peace.” With each passing day you will experience a solid life full of love. You will love yourself and be open to do so much for so many.

Now in 2012, we as a family are content and at peace but there are many in our country suffering every day. Some parents can’t feed their children. I encourage you both to always look deep inside, find peace and do good for those in need.

I will end this letter with a parable…

There was a man who lived on dry land. Each day he rose, drank a glass of water, and ate a slice of bread. He was very happy with that slice of bread and dipping it in the water was a treat. Each day, while eating his bread he overheard a family over the tall wall of their home eating and feasting to their fullest. He could smell the fullness of each meal. He also heard the sadness that came from that home. He didn’t understand how a place so beautiful from the outside could sound so low on the inside. So one day he decided to visit the home.

He knocked on the door and when the door opened he couldn’t believe his eyes. The floor blinded him and the family standing at the door was clad in the most amazing clothing. Then a voice from within the home shouted,”What!?” followed by the door slamming and commotion. The man was perplexed by the ordeal. Nevertheless he returned to the dry land, drank a little water and ate a slice of bread. He never approached the walls of that home again.

I love you both. Always be content with your thoughts, your actions and your life. Let your life exist. Embrace all that life has to offer and always remember…

every outcome is the right outcome. 


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