Plans of the Heart

My girls,

It is Monday, April 16, 2012. It is a very quiet spring morning. The trees are so full and green.

Throughout the years I have encouraged you both to listen to your heart. Be discerning and embrace the direction your life is guiding you. Circumstances, good or bad, are rewards; they give you clarity and strength. Always remember…

every outcome is the right outcome.

Listen to your heart. So many different feelings come from your heart. Accept your own mind. It is where your thoughts are. Your thoughts and feelings give you your emotions. Whenever you are confronted with challenges your emotions arise. This is the time to look deep inside to your soul where emotions are transformed to solutions and nothing in your life will ever be too great to manage.

Your heart is what connects your soul to your mind. When making decisions always take a deep breath and listen to your thoughts. Allow your thoughts to connect to your heart and embrace your feelings. Take another deep breath and reflect on your thoughts and feelings (emotions). The emotions can be positive, giving you peace and contentment or negative, giving you regret and confusion. Always embrace your emotions but…

never let your emotions move you.

They are there to help you reflect on many things past, present, and future. Emotions are there to make you and not break you.

Once you have accepted your emotions, allow your heart to connect to your soul. The soul is so far away from your emotions yet so near. When you go deep inside, emotions are transformed into solutions. Listen to your soul; it will always give you the right solutions. Sometimes it may take 10 seconds to arrive at a solution but it could also take up to three years or more. I encourage you both to be patient; the solution will come.

When you reach a solution your mind instantly moves and with confidence and calmness you will successfully accomplish whatever you plan.

Always be confident in what you do. Always embrace the plans of the heart and let your mind and soul keep you grounded. I love you both.


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