Falling Leaves

My Girls,

It is Wednesday, February 29, 2012. It is 63 degrees and cloudy. We just finished a biology lesson. It is always great spending time with you both. When we go through our homeschooling lessons, I love when your eyes continuously widen in amazement when you learn something new. Loving to learn, loving to listen and learn, and loving to laugh while learning is something you will always carry with you for the rest of your lives. There is only joy in discovering something that you didn’t know before.

Whenever you learn something new in life, you learn something even deeper about yourself. That is the true gift of learning.

You learn something greater about yourself.

Learning something new about yourself allows you to love yourself even more. You will embrace how unique and beautiful you truly are.

Many times in life when you learn something new, you can clearly see the positive things in your life. I remember when you my oldest were two years old. We took a walk on our community trail one fall day. It was a windy day and many of the leaves were falling. You unconsciously left me and your mother and went running after all of those falling leaves. I will never forget the expression on your face as the leaves fell through your tiny hands and landed on the ground. To this day when we take our family walks even though you are 13 you still run with your sister after the falling leaves. I don’t know what the leaves taught you  but I do know this…  the falling leaves taught you as a toddler more then any amount of letters or words I could ever write or speak to you. And even today your eyes still brighten up when you see leaves falling. I can only imagine that in 2021 as you read this you can still remember those days when you chased the falling leaves.

Learning requires discipline; the discipline to love yourself. Nothing more. When you love yourself, you help yourself understand the joy, the dispair, the love, the pain, the positive, the negative… you are receptive to embrace all things and increase your learning. I honor you both. I love you both.


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