Honesty will Give You Confidence

My girls,

It is Tuesday, February 28, 2012. Yesterday’s weather had a high of 40 degrees but today it was 64 degrees under a clear blue sky. What a beautiful day it was. In a few minutes we are going to take an evening walk to the local bakery. I love you both.

Deep inside there is a natural tendency to always be honest with ourselves. Our soul is honest with us and we are relaxed and honest with our soul.

Our soul reflects our honesty onto our heart. Our heart reflects our honesty onto our mind. That is where we make choices that ultimately lead to our actions.

I would like for you to know your honesty will give you confidence: your soul is confident. Disregarding your confidence can cause edginess. Edginess can lead to feelings of guilt. Feelings of guilt can cause you to lose confidence and trust in yourself.

I encourage you both to always listen to your soul. Always relax and be confident. I love you both.


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