You are the Snow in the Summer. And that is Okay.

My Girls,

Let me begin by letting both of you know that I love you.

It is Sunday, February 26, 2012. There is a beautiful blue sky above and it is 50 degrees. All four of us are recovering from the many days on the road. We have seen many beautiful places and you both have met so many incredible people from around the world. I’m sure the present world you live in is just as incredible. I’m thinking that you are reading this in 2021 and you are 22 and 20 respectively. I am so proud of you both. Thank you for honoring me and your mother over the years.

I am writing today encouraging you both to embrace the unique qualities you possess. By doing this, you’re accepting yourselves: you are accepting that every outcome is the right outcome. Embracing your unique qualities will allow you to remain joyful, confident, discerning and loving. You will be that diamond in the rough; a rare presence that can brighten any room. Being confident in yourselves is a natural trait all women possess.

Listen to your beating heart; allow your soul to whisper. When your  uniqueness arises it may feel unsettling. When this happens stop, take a deep breath, and say these words…

I am content and at peace… Allow your soul to whisper and embrace the spark of life that just blossomed.

Unique qualities can be simple or complex. It can be an idea or a reminder to embrace the thing you’ve loved all along. The more you embrace that spark, the more you will allow yourself to listen to your soul.

Most of us have never seen it snow in the summer. Who would expect to walk outdoors on a warm summer day and see snowflakes falling from the sky? To be sure, it would be a rare event. Those qualities that separate you from the rest of the world is like snow in the summer — they are rarely seen.

In life, there may be aspects of your character that are unique. Embrace them because ultimately…

You are the snow in the summer… and that is okay.

I love you both.


2 thoughts on “You are the Snow in the Summer. And that is Okay.

  1. I love this idea of writing to your daughters. I know they will grow up confidence and strong as they receive the father’s love daily. I have three daughters, all of them unique in their ways and they bring me joy.

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