The Beat Of A Different Drummer

My girls,

It is August 16, 2011. I love you both.

I’m writing this letter to remind you both in all you do…

Do it, love it, own it.

When you were younger there was one thing as a father I decided not to do… not to tell you right from wrong unless you asked me. What might be right in my eyes might be wrong in yours. It would be a disservice to you both to ever tell you what you feel is right or wrong. What I decided to do is tell you stories, talk about some things I have learned in my life, and share elderly wisdom; lessons from those I have met along the way. I just planted the seed and watered it so it could grow.  This allowed you to draw understanding from these stories. I love you both and I’m very pleased with how you both have grown showing so much love and respect to all.

There may be times in life when your decisions may have a negative result. Just remember we all make mistakes in so many different ways. Embrace your mistakes and always remember to embrace ignoble thoughts that enmesh you. When our thoughts become filled with negativity it is transformed into a great teacher. That is, depending on how we view negativity.

We all hear the beat of a different drummer; Walk in tune with yours. What might be a negative outcome for others might be positive for you. Always remember every outcome is the right outcome. What we chose to do in life leads us somewhere. We are transformed one day at a time. There is always an answer to life’s question. Allow yourself to breathe and continue to listen to that gentle answer in your soul.

I will end this letter by saying every decision we make leads to knowledge and understanding. There is no better teacher in this world then what is inside of you. It is your personal gift; a personal message thanking you for being here. Embrace the storm inside. Your soul is an ark. I love you both.


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