Never Abandon Caring And Giving

My girls,

It is July 7, 2011. You both are growing so fast! You, my oldest daughter, are now a teenager! Daily it is an honor to spend time with you both talking, laughing, traveling, and going for our family runs. Honestly, it has been a pleasure and a blessing having you in my life. I love you both. I care about you both.

You can improve every aspect of your life if you embrace caring and giving.

Caring for yourself creates such a powerful thread that ultimately connects to the outside world. There will be no limit to the appreciation you project.

Silence and giving are one in the same because silence humbles itself to our five senses …sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Giving is also a humble act. It is reflected in the spirit of being ready and willing to succumb to the challenges you and others face.

Caring and giving remind us to always whisper when our soul screams. It is difficult to care for yourself and others when you’re not giving yourself time to breathe and find that gentle answer that resides deep within your being. The caring thread that connects your soul to the outside world can be cut and bitterness and confusion can fester preventing you from giving.

I will end this letter by encouraging you both to never disregard direction and instruction and never abandon caring and giving. I love you both.


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