Learning From An Insightful Byword

My Girls,

It is May 30, 2011. I love you both very much.

When I was a young child wisdom surrounded me in the presence of my elders. One day, I was sitting listening to an elder and she spoke a byword that my soul still honors this day …

You have two ears and one mouth; always listen twice as much as you speak.

Ever since hearing that I have enjoyed listening to the stories of many people. Listening to a person speak is very important. They have a voice; they have a soul. Listening is seeing …listening is knowledge …listening is wisdom.

There are moments in life where you both may have to rely on the tutelage of others to gain insight. Being an excellent listener will help you succeed at most things that require instruction. In most cases, the more you listen, the more you will understand words of insight; it can make you very intelligent.

In an earlier letter I wrote when your mind screams your soul must learn to whisper. In circumstances like this, a calm response will help you become very prudent and do what is right; you will always be fair to yourself. Showing prudence within yourself will prevent you from ever being naive; listening to your heart will give you knowledge and discretion.

I encourage you both to be good listeners. You will become wiser and learn a lot. Always remember that insightful guidance can help you discern many things.

I will close this letter by saying the common experiences you both speak of with me are slowly becoming words of wisdom that one day can be shared with others. Riddles, parables and wise sayings were created from observations of ordinary events like watching a spider create a web or looking at a person knead bread.

Always embrace the wise word spoken. I love you both.


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