Allow Insight To Reveal The Purpose In Your Heart

My Girls,

It is February 20, 2011. It has felt like spring for a few days so we have spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying time with other families. I love you both. Having you in my life has taught me so much; the gift of living each day in quiet peace; just sitting around enjoying you both and your beautiful mother; living one day at a time.

As a family, we have been on many incredible journeys. You both have met so many different people and seen so many different ways of life. Every family is unique, every person is unique; we all have unique likes and dislikes.

Throughout the years, there was never a conversation between you two and I about what you “should”or “ought” to be when you get older. So in this letter, I will share with you why this never arose in our relationship. It is really as simple as this …

Ultimately the very steps you have taken came from your own soul.

For so many years and even as you read this letter in 2019, I have been quiet about what your purpose in life “should” or “ought” to be. What I have encouraged you to do is to be perceptive, discerning, and have a sagacious grasp of the hopes and dreams that reside within your own heart; always looking within and listening to the gentle answer that is always in your soul.

Purpose and knowing what is right is like deep waters in terms of your soul. Allow insight to reveal the purpose that resides within yourselves.

I will close this letter by letting you know the many days we have spent together allowed my purpose in both of your lives to manifest. When you were first born, the only thing I really knew was to hold you in my arms and watch you fall asleep. I have learned so much more over the years. Insight and patience have a relationship. Allow your purpose to manifest. Enjoy each day and continue to love yourself and others. I love you both very much.


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