Embrace Your Beginnings And Your Endings

My Girls,

It is a beautiful morning this February 7th, 2011. As I write this letter to you both, I am feeling butterflies in my stomach. Contemplating the year 2019 when I hand these letters over to you brings tears to my eyes; You both will be beautiful young women. While reading this, I would like you both to know that I love you.

This is the first letter to you both for 2011. I will start the year with this …

Thank you both for the love you show me and others. Thank you for your eyes, your smile, your hugs, still holding my hand when we walk, sitting and talking with me and your mommy, walking with me and picking up the many leaves we come across. I honor your presence in my life. I love you both.

I would like to encourage you both to embrace your beginnings and your endings. The sun will rise and the sun will set. A night will come and a day will follow. I will talk more about beginnings and endings in a future letter.

Time moves along but time is your friend. Let your patience and understanding continue to move you. I love you both.


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