Wisdom Is In Your Own Front Yard

My girls,

It is Saturday, December 18th, 2010. While I’m writing this letter, I can hear you both talking to each other and making hot chocolate. As you read this letter in 2019, the sound of your tiny but true voices are no longer here. Before I begin I want you both to know that I love you.

In an earlier letter, I encouraged you both to always build your house with wisdom; your house, being your body, carries your soul.

Every house has a front yard. Your house, which is your body, has a front yard as well …all things in front of you. If you are sitting in a chair reading this letter, whatever is in your presence at this very moment is your front yard. If you are standing still, resting, jogging, skydiving, eating …wherever you are at this moment is your front yard.

I want to encourage you both to always be perceptive, discerning, and observant. By doing this you will discover that wisdom is in your own front yard; you won’t need to search for it everywhere.

Front time to time, take a moment, breathe and say these words to yourself, “Wisdom is right here.”

I love you both very much.


4 thoughts on “Wisdom Is In Your Own Front Yard

  1. what a beautiful blog you have! I just love this post and I think that someday when your girls read this they are going to be blessed with such a gift; a priceless one!

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