Being Modest Has Nothing To Do With Being Mindless

My girls,

It is 5:07pm on this Monday, November 22nd, 2010. I love you both.

This evening I will talk to you both about modesty. Being modest means having a gracious soul; showing kindness that’s naturally felt by others. When you are modest, you can help anyone feel at home even if that person is weary.

Modesty always shows consideration for others. As a family, we have traveled to many beautiful places. During these times we often eat in restaurants and have to wait for seating. By habit I always offer other women there standing and waiting my seat. This is an example of showing modesty and being gracious to others.

I would like to take a moment to let you both know to be modest is to be generous; generous hands are blessed hands because someone will always need a helping hand. Many great pioneers and leaders were also modest; they were very generous by showing leadership and setting an example for others.

Before I end this letter I would like to clarify something. Being modest has nothing to do with being mindless. In fact, a modest person is very prudent and can often see trouble coming and avoid it; they are not simpletons. Being modest requires you to have a tough-minded discipline; it is rare to find a modest person take the backseat. They have amazing skills and are always in demand and admired. Most modest people avoid hanging out with “angry” people because bad tempers are contagious.

Being modest and gracious can be a great choice in life. I love you both.


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