Allow Your Motives To Justify Your Actions

My girls,

It is Sunday, November 21st, 2010. The time is 2:40pm and you both are in the dining room having tea.

What is on my mind today are motives; Should our motives always be harmless? I want you both to know in everything you do, there is meaning; in everything you can’t and won’t please everyone. Whether your motive is harmless or not, always be clear about what you are doing and by all means do it …own it …love it! Every outcome is the right outcome.

Don’t allow mixed motives to twist your life into tangles. I encourage both of you to always have pure motives and think about what you do before doing anything; a careful plan will put you ahead in the long run. Never hurry and scurry …it will put you further behind. I love you both.


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