Bread And Water Amidst A Banquet

My girls,

It is 2:24pm on a lovely Wednesday, November 17th, 2010. The sky is clear and bright. Before you both read this letter, I want to tell you I love you.

Today I want to spend a moment and share a mental exercise with you that I call Bread and Water. Let’s begin.

The Bread – Exercise to clear your mind

Start by closing your eyes. Inhale calmly through your nose …now exhale calmly out of your mouth. Repeat this breathing until the gentle answer within you arises and quiets your space. If a tear arises, let your cry be your own. If laughter arises, laugh and giggle as long as you wish. Embrace whatever arises until you reach that quiet space.


Now mentally place yourself at an overlook. Look at all of the mountains, trees and clouds in the distance. While standing there, say these words to yourself …

I am content and at peace.

Say this as long as you please.

The Water – Exercise to clear your soul

Now I want you both to mentally place yourselves in the middle of a heavily populated location; I call this the banquet. You could be there walking or standing still. Each time you pass or encounter someone, I want you to say these words to the person …

You are content and at peace.

Tell as many people as you wish.

Thank you both for letting me share Bread and Water with you. Remember, this is a mental exercise. Mainly, I just wanted you both to know that there is always bread and water amidst a banquet; no matter where you are, you can always be content and at peace. I love you both very much.


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