When Your Mind Screams Your Soul Must Learn To Whisper

Spring BudsMy girls,

As I write this letter, you both are still my little girls (nine and 12), but as you read this in 2019, you are young women. I love you both… let’s begin.

It is Monday, the 15th of November, 2010. It is partly cloudy and 7:41 am. A city worker is clearing leaves on the sidewalk with a blower as the sound of city traffic has arrived. You, my oldest, are still asleep and your sister has started her day.

Today I will talk to you both about the gentle answer; it is inside you. The gentle answer will keep you grounded. Your strength, your drive, your willingness to carry on; to love yourself so that you will be able to love others is found in the gentle answer.

The gentle answer is not in your mind; it resides in your soul. Inside, it teaches you self-control. Your beauty can be found and felt in the gentle answer. It will allow you to love yoursef.

Whenever your mind screams, take a deep breath, go to that place in your soul where the gentle answer resides and then transform the scream into a whisper. Goodness will always flow from within you.


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